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Eyedentity installation in Medellin, Colombia



“Look into my eyes and hear what I'm not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will.” – Unknown


Eyes are an essential part of one’s identity.


They’re unique to each and every person. Iris scanners are used to positively identify an individual. Black bars are used in publications to hide individuals’ eyes. Celebrities wear sunglasses, making it difficult to recognize them.


In many countries around the world, election posters, which are posted on the street throughout the countries, include photos of the candidates, their images asking voters to look into their eyes, believe in them, trust them, vote for them.


Individuals vandalized these images, usually by disfiguring the eyes. This identity alteration prevents us from looking the candidates in the eye as originally intended, changing the context of our relationship with them. The question this series asks is how these changes consequently affect our perception of these individuals. 



Given the conceptual nature of the series “A sense of his soul” I am open to discussing various presentation forms, sizes and surfaces for site-specific installations. Please contact me to discuss possibilities.

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