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Fragments of messages from the past


Our recollection of the past is subjective and incomplete. What we remember – or choose to remember – is not the whole story nor is it absolutely clear. On a daily basis, politicians give us “sound bites”, news stories are focused around few-word headlines and out-of-context phrases create crises. We build our own version of the story from what snippets we do have like archaeologists who attempt to complete the story based on the few words found on a shard of a stone tablet or a fragment of a document.


The fragments in these images are what remain from messages painted on buildings and only give us part of the story. We’re asked to ponder what the rest of the message is and construct our version of reality from what information we have available.


We never have the entire story. 




Archival pigment prints, 4x6 inches (10x15cm)

Working on a boxed set of images - please contact me for details

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