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Wherever you go there you are


“Art should ask more questions than it answers.”


The concept of what comprises “home” is complex and somewhat elusive. “Home is where the heart is”, so the saying goes, and indeed home is as much an emotional place as it is a physical one.


I lived in Budapest for 14 years – longer than any other place since I left home at the age of 18. At the time, when people heard about this lengthy tenure they nearly always remarked, “So, it’s home to you now.” While Budapest was familiar and I owned a flat there, my answer was, “No, not really...”


The question the heart really asks is more like, “Where do I belong?” in the cerebral sense, rather than the physical one. Humans have a need for a sense of place – where is it they fit in, in the greater scheme of things. This series explores those complex needs of searching for and understanding where one’s place is and the feeling of what comprises home.


Wherever you go there you are


28 archival pigment prints, 6x6 inches (15x15cm)

Limited edition series of 5 (compete series) and 7 (individual prints), signed and numbered au verso

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