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Dennis Hodges That which separates us installation

That which separates us

There are lines which are drawn in the sand. Issues which separate us one from the other. The line moves with the issue; shifts, changes when convenient, changes as the wind blows so to speak.


I live in Kansas, one of the most conservative states in the US. Jet contrails cross the sky, connecting the coasts; overflying areas that are philosophically different from the cities of departure and arrival. Areas of the US that share a different ideology from the land in between. Cities versus the countryside. North versus south. East versus West. The right versus the left. The right versus the wrong, depending upon which side of the line you stand; which side of that particular issue.


The contrails leave their mark on the sky, but only temporarily; as the wind and the weather change, so do they, eventually disappearing until the next jet comes along, drawing a new line. The lines disappear as easily as Americans lose interest in the crisis du jour; fade away as the minutes tick by. But then, just like the next headline or breaking story or tweet, with the next jet passing by the line is redrawn and the divide is renewed.


That which separates us


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