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You are (not) here​


We live in a superficial, virtual time. We collect “friends” on social media who would not be friends in real life. We “like” things and places we’ve never seen or experienced. Virtual has replaced the physical. 

When we “check in” on social media we tell our world where we are and, to a certain extent, what we are doing. We post photos of and comments about our lives, presenting a curated image of who and where we are. 


Photographs are a reduction of life. Our 360-degree, multi-sensory experience is reduced to a single two-dimensional frame. Through this process, I show you what I choose to show you.


This multimedia series mixes the virtual with the physical, giving the superficiality of our online lives a concrete yet ethereal presence. I take you to where I was, to experience what I experienced. Using a combination of photography, ambient noise, geocoding, and Google Earth, this work takes you to the exact location where I was so you, too, can be there. 


Just like what I allow you to see of my life on social media, you are limited to see only what I allow you to see. Like our virtual and superficial “friends” on social media, you are not really there with me.

You are (not) here.


You are (not) here


Please inquire about sizes, formats and editions as well as site-specific installations

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